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Recognized instructor by both the PBIA (Professional Billiard Instructors Association an adjunct of the BCA) and the ACS (American Cue Sports) a sanctioning body for both league play and national tournaments also certified as an ACS NATIONAL REFEREE. 

Affiliated through The National Billiard Academy and instructors Tom Simpson, Mark Finklestein and Mark Powell, noted writers and coaches to both professional and amateur players. 

Instruction and Coaching for Beginner and Intermediate Players in the fundamentals of: 

 A: Approach, Stance, Bridge, Stroke, and Equipment.
 B: Aiming Systems.
 C: Ball and Table Behavior.
 D: Practice Routines.
 E: Defensive Play 

Offering to all level of players complete "Video Stroke Analysis" as developed by the NBA.

Our goal as PBIA Instructors, through competent consistent training methods across a broad instructor base, is to engage the basic fundamentals in the simplest manner from the ground up for the beginner so that they may enjoy participating in the sport, adapt the intermediate players wishing to improve their game and in the end help to fine tune the game of advanced players.

email: cuecoach@madhat.com
PH: 315-374-0452   (Text Ok...)